Book for kids and adults about bullying

This beautifully written and insightful book introduces us to Kofi, a little elephant born with a knot in his trunk. Limited by this disability he is unable to carry out the normal daily tasks that are easily managed by his peers, and he becomes a target for bullying and taunting.

The book traces Kofi’s responses, his parents’ support in taking him to a doctor, and Kofi’s determination to learn to use his “new” trunk after his operation, even though that trunk is far from perfect.

He teaches himself to eat, drink, and trumpet loudly as the other elephants do.

One day he is faced with an agonizing decision. Should he try and rescue Big Ebo, his main tormentor, whom he sees drowning in a whirlpool? We witness Kofi’s difficult struggle between his conscience, his fear, and his knowledge that Big Ebo would probably bully him again if Kofi recues him.

He decides, “I have to try!” With great effort he pulls Big Ebo onto the shore and saves his life. Heading home, Kofi realizes what an important thing he’s done. He also realizes that “I’m going to be all right!” And the reader knows he will be, too.

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